temp profile in wndows7

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i have a windows 7 laptop.
the user has 125GB user data desktop, my doc, music etc.
it nows going to temp profile and od see anything .
i have to find the way to fix the temp profile so He can have all his setting back.
i do not want to loose any data.

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Try a good old chkdsk
Jackie Man IT Manager
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Is your windows 7 laptop joined to a domain?
TEMP profile issues in Windows XP and Windows 7 are truly annoying, and usually are best fixed by creating a new user account entirely, log in, copy your documents over from the old user account, and ditch the old user account. You do lose all of your program settings / cache / application data by doing this, but you won't lose your documents.

The temp profile problem is usually a security issue - some permissions in the registry or on the filesystem are preventing your user account from loading its own profile. Or, in some circumstances, the user profile gets corrupted in some way.

The fix (without just creating a new user account), involves modifying the registry and removing the profile from there, so that Windows reloads the profile next time you log in. The difficulty is identifying which profile is yours, because they are named using UIDs (e.g. S-1-5-21-123241421-xxxxxx). You need to drill into each registry key and examine them to identify which one points to your user account folder in C:\Users\

Some guides to help to try and fix this:



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