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Does anyone have any tested solutions for hot spot billing/authentication? Basically a customizable web interface that can be installed on a piece of hardware used as a proxy server for a public wireless access solution.
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nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

Have you also considered hardware and/or firmware solutions?
ZyXEL N4100 -

Sputnik -
You can buy pre-configured devices from them, or if your existing router can be loaded with DD-WRT, Sputnik is already built in (on the Services->Hotspots tab)...

WiFiDog is also built into DD-WRT, as is Chillispot, but I don't think that's supported anymore... it has morphed into CoovaChilli and I believe its developer is the same person that wrote Chillispot.
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MikroTik routerOS - it's what the many of the professional ISPs and hotspot providers use. - you can load it on any PC based hardware or atheros chipset, or you can buy it preloaded on the routerBoard range of products:

You can use the built-in user manager for hotspot applications (, or you can use a third party back-end if you want something more sophisticated (e.g


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