How to set your inbox to your hard drive in MS Outlook 2007

Jintonix415 used Ask the Experts™

I would like to know how to set my inbox to be saved onto the hard drive to eliminate reaching the limit so quickly. So any new email I receive will automatically be saved onto my hard drive.

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Yes I know about this, but I would like to avoid having to manually place messages into these .pst folders from my inbox to free up space. I rather just have my inbox set to my hard drive so I do not need to create .pst folder. Would it work if I just dragged my inbox folder to the .pst section? Would I still receive new messages?
Mohamed ElManakhlyInfrastructure Team Leader

i dunno of a way to do this , may be you can use the Auto archive option , to automatically move messages to your PST file.
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As M-Manakhly suggested, you could use auto-archive or rules to do this, but instead it sounds like what would suit you better is to change your mail delivery location to PST, rather than having it split between mailbox and PST.

Here is the Microsoft detail on how to change delivery location -

One thing to bear in mind however - if you have a BlackBerry, the optimal setup for the BlackBerry may be that your mails deliver to the mailbox. Changing delivery location will also change your default contacts/calendar etc. to those in the chosen delivery location - if you have a BES server in your environment, your BlackBerry may be currently set to wirelessly synchronise your contacts/calendar/notes with your mailbox which will cause confusion if your Outlook primary delivery location is a PST on your local PC.


HMmm I tired that and do not see the option to change the delivery location for my inbox. Do note that this is a corporate email account so I am not sure if there are certain limitations.
Hi Jintonix,
In a corporate environment, it's more likely that an administrator will disable the ability to create a PST than disable setting PST as the default delivery location. It sounds like you are able to create a PST though, so I suspect this is not the issue.
Just to verify the steps for configuring PST delivery with Outlook 2007:
Click on Tools -> Options -> Click on the Mail Setup tab
Data File settings
Click on Data Files. Here you will see the mailbox as well as any configured PSTs
Files/Delivery settings
Click on the PST file, and then click on "Set as Default".
Next time you close and open Outlook, it should deliver to the PST file.


So if I understand correctly. If I create a new PST file (for example 'ABC') and set that as default, all my new incoming email will go to that 'ABC' PST file instead of my original inbox that has only 50mb capacity?
Exactly. You can create a PST from the screen shown in the "settings.jpg" file above by clicking on Add and following the steps to create a PST. You can then set this as your default delivery location.

It's worth noting however that while setting the default delivery location to the PST will cause the inbox to deliver to the PST, the other folders will have to be moved to the PST separately. (Your primary calendar/contacts/tasks folder will then be those in the PST and all future sent items will be stored in the PST rather than the mailbox).

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