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I purchased a macbook pro March of 2010.  The battery is already crap.  Of course this is out of warranty.  What kind of cost am I looking at to get apple to replace it.  The battery goes from 100% to nothing in little under and hour and a half. .
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If you take it to an Apple Store, they have a test that they can run to determine if it's worn out or has bad cells. Since it is out of warranty they will probably point you to a retail battery which probably cost $140 or more. There is a tiny chance that an overly enthusiastic service manager will "extend your warranty, just this once." This would be more likely if you had purchased this from that store.

Assuming none of that works out, I would get a 3rd party battery, mail order. Obviously, you need to make sure that it is one designed for your specific computer. This may save you 40-60% over Apple's retail.
Also, click on the battery icon in the menubar while holding down the option key to see your battery condition.
Also, pull down the Apple menu to About this Mac and hit More Info. Then scroll down to Power for more detailed battery information.

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