Installing Printers on Windows 7 Clients without admin rights

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I have a bunch of windows 7 Professional PCs running on a windows 2003 domain.  
None of the users have admin rights to their PCs.  Everytime a user installs a PC they get
prompted to enter an an admin user ID and password.  Is there anyway to allow user's to insttall
printers without giving them admin rights?

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you could schedule a .bat or service to run as an adminitrator.
something like this in the batch file

Microsoft provides a way to install printers using batch files. Type:


on the "Run" command line for a list of options and examples, e.g.,
If you need your users to be able to add their own print drivers you will have to use GPO to edit the Driver Installation policy. It is located here:

Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Driver Installation

The setting is called "Allow non-administrators to install drivers for these devices setup classes". You will need to add the device class GUID of printers.
The GUIDs can be found here:


I've updated this with some more information as this was getting a bit old and people probably tried the same with network printers (which does not work the same way).

A few more steps are required for domain infrastructures where you add non-local printers:

1.Configure Group Policy settings for "Point and Print" on BOTH computer and user settings (Vista previously only had user settings). The Location of the settings can be found here in GPOs:
Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Printers\Point and Print Restrictions
User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Printers\Point and Print Restrictions
2.Point and Print settings will vary on what kind of restrictions you want, but if you want users to be able to install ANY printer, with ANY driver, from ANY server, set the Point and Print settings to "Disabled".
3.There are also other Group Policy settings that are related to print services, but I won't list them here. They may or may not relate to your planned print infrastructure, so read through them properly and try them out in testlabs if the above steps does not work for you.  
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The only issue with the point print restrictions is that it doesnt show up when you look at it from Group policy from a windows 2003 DC.  I since downloaded the RSAT utility on my windows 7 machine and saw the entry and created a GPO but Im not clear on how to get the GPO files copied from my local client pc to the sysvol folder on the DC.
When you installed the RSAT you should then connect to your domain when it is opened which will automatically apply the GPO to your server and domain.



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