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Hi everyone,

I have a problem with a NAS for the use of backup exec.
It is an iomega storcenter ix2. I want to use a shared folder on this NAS for the backups of backup exec.

When I want to add a new Backup-to-disk folder, I get the error which is enclosed in this message. When I just specify the path (without browsing to it), then the backups are written to the location, but I still get the message that the backups are failed..

I can login to any other device with these settings, but not on the iomeganas..
There are no permissions denied on the folder.. When I use my explorer to browse to the path, it is possible.

Any ideas why it isn't working? Mabye the NAS isn't supported for the use of backup exec?

The error-code in backup exec is: E00084AF

I hope you can help me.
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you need to either :
A mount the share as a network drive on the backup exec folder
B make an iscsi target on the ix2 (this is probably the best solution, since it will be faster)


Thanks for your reply setasoujiro!
What do you mean with A? I don't understand this, sorry!

And yes I was thinking about that. I am backing up my SBS with an ISCSI LUN from this NAS. But normally this would work also. When I want to create a new backup-folder and I browse through all my computers listed in my domain, I can use every one of them, but when I want to open this NAS, I get the error-message.

I was just wondering why this error only appears when I open this specific NAS?

Thanks already for your reply!
because you are trying to log on to the nas using domain credentials!
you must enter seperate credentials to be able to authenticate to the nas
in your window from the screenshot clikc new and enter the info you use to log on to the nas WITHOUT domain

by option A i mean on your backup exec pc:
open cmd --> type: net use X \\YOURNASIP\YOURNASFOLDER /p:yes
and i meant backup exec computer, not folder :)

now you have the nas as a network folder/disk under computer, and you can use it in BE
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Hi Setasoujiro,

I already did this with no result... I also need to access my NAS with domain credentials, it is linked to the active directory of my domain.

I will try the networkshare, thanks! But you also recommended ISCSI for this share?!
yes, because if you do , the server will see it as a local disk and this will enhance the performance !
but beware that if you make it iscsi the data will be lost that is on the share now.

and the reason you cannot access the nas this way is because it does not have an BE agent installed


Ok thank you for your reply! I am also using a cisco NAS and I can access this NAS..
I want to connect with ISCSI to the device, but also want to know why I can't access is this way?
yes but there is a difference in accessing a nas for backup then accessing one for backup to disk folder
please check this,
this'll explain the differences between the two, follow the steps and you'll probably access your nas :)


Thanks you very much! I used ISCSI te connect to the device. Going to award points for your effor and replies!

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