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When someone sends me a document that they have updated and say the name changed i need to go on the website and change maybe either the title or the location to reflect the new document, in Expression Web 3 is there a way I can tell it to show me everywhere this page is linked. For example. I was asked to update a certain documnets title. I changed it in the 2 places i knew but then got a complaint that it had not been changed yet. This was becuase it was linked on a total of 4 pages but I only knew about 2 of them. I know in the past in FrontPage there was a way to show a hyperlink and show everypage that had that hyperlink on it.
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the safest bet is to add a redirect (.htaccess) from the old page to the new. Then even if you miss a link the user will still find your page.


its not a redirect of a web page. I have a website that has lets say 20 different web pages. on 1 web page I have a link to the daily menu well I have that same link to the daily menu in 3 other places besides the one i know about . i update only that one link to the daily menu, the other 3 go without being updated because I dont know the links exist. I want to know if there is a way to have it scan all my pages and show me everywhere the daily menu is linked.

I'm using Expression Web 1, but hopefully this will help with Version 3, too.  I use the Hyperlinks button to find out which pages are linked to a specific file... from the Web Site tab, click the Hyperlinks button at the bottom of the page (next to Reports).  Select your Word document and a tree will display all of the files that are linked to (and from) the document.

Hope this helps,
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You could use a link checker if your site doesn't have too many pages

To search across an entire Web site:
Open Expression Web and open a pre-defined Web site.
In the folder list, highlight the files you'd like to search through.
Go to "Replace" in the "Edit" menu, or click Ctrl-H/Cmd-H.
Type the words to find in the find box and the words to replace in the replace box.
Make sure "Selected page(s)" is selected if you only want to search some of the pages in your Web, "Open page(s)" if you want to search only the files you've got open for editing, or "All pages" if you want to search all pages. Then click "Replace All".
Expression Web will alert you that you won't be able to undo this operation. Click "Yes".
Expression Web will then show you all the places where your search string was found. The results will be displayed in the Find pane below your site window.


perfect, thanks exactly what I needed.

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