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I have a Windows 2003 Server that will not access the network. I have check the cables and routers and ports with a fluke so I know it is nothing like that. This is a problem within the OS itself. I even put the existing cable on another box and it works fine. I added a pci nic to the server and it worked fine. I told everyone it was working ok which it was for about 2 days. Then that nic started acting the same as the onboard nic. I took the hard drive out and put in another computer and booted it up today. Same issue. IP is static....Route Print looks fine... I cant even ping the gateway......  Any ideas? I need to this resolved in 1 hour.
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bad switch port or bad switch?

is it possible someone else gave themselves the same static IP?
(i had a user do this before)
just re-read and you tested the switch etc
to check for duplicate IP.
isolate the server and one workstation - see if connections work - ping etc. work station to server.

with server off the net - try and ping the server from a workstation.  this may solve it if workstations have firewall allowing pings.

rouge laptop walking in the door - explains the 2 day grace period. also anyone out for a day or so?

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Is this a Dell Server?
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I did think of the dup IP and did try to ping it with the server offline. It is a dell server... i just recieved word that i can install a fresh copy of 2k8 on it so that solves that.. I love labs....  thanks everyone ...
I ran into the same thing on a dell and it ended up being a hardware issue with the pci bus. Had to get a new mb.
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Closing ticket, I needed up reinstalling the OS..
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there was no solution that any of us came up with. i reinstalled the o.s. and it worked fine. I know it was something with the software but could not prove what.. save yourself some time.. back up your info and reinstall if this happens.

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