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The purpose of this post is to try and get a NVIDIA AGP card and an ATI PCI card to work together to display a four monitor desktop. I recently took over a network administrator position and I am having trouble with a older PC. For some reason the previous made Dell load Windows 2000 OS instead of XP even though there are Product Key stickers for XP on the PC. The quad core video card went out and I can't find a quad video card that works on Windows 2000 (I can't use E-Bay, boss said no). So I am going to have to use two old dual video cards. Has anyone every use dual video cards and not the same brand. I am looking for steps, instructions , etc. There is also no onboard video card.
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we have done this.  better agp card  and then a junky pci  twin 228 or something.
it is a lot easier in win7 but you should be able to get windows 2000 to see the cards with the correct drivers.  I do believe we were running all nvidia cards - you may have to make that change.
getting nvidia and ati should be easier than say getting an intel and amd to work in the same box......


The ATI card and drivers are already loaded, so theorietically I should just be able to install the card and drivers and it should pick it up? Also, I currently have the ATI Catalyst center. Should I leave this installed or just the drivers?
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imo - it may depend on the motherboard, some only allow one card at the time
but testing it out will show it.
when i install a card, i open device manager; with the driver not installed, it will show a device in error.
and when the driver is installed, you will see it re-populate the screen, and install the card properly

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