Spliting exchange database 2007 on SBS 2008

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I currently have SBS 2008 box running exchange 2007
Is it possible to splitting up the main exchange database into four seperate database?
There are currently three different branches: USA, CANADA, EUROPE. Each branch is requesting to have a backup copy of thier exchange database. I don't want to give out the main database because it has all users information on it.
I want to split the main database into three smaller database based on branches. For examples:
DB1-USA (user1,user2)
DB2-Canada (user3,user4)
DB3-Europe (user5,user6)

I want to split the database permanantly and to replace the main exchange databse on my SBS 2008 box
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From the sbs 2008 faq:

Essentially there are no limits to the Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition database size. By default, Exchange 2007 SP1 sets a limit of 250 GB that can be changed if needed. Also note that you can have up to 5 storage groups with a maximum of 1 database per group, meaning that you can have up to 5 databases. In SBS 2008 we use 2 storage groups (2 databases) by default. Realistically, database performance is dependent on number of processors; amount of RAM, speed of your I/O backplane and storage array configuration, so proper mailbox management policies should be in place to prevent creating back-pressure situations that would affect the server's performance.

Have a look at this document for creating stores: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa998926(EXCHG.80).aspx

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