Having replication issues (target principal name is incorrect)

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I'm having a similar issue to other EE users experiencing replication problems in which the prognosis is to demote/repromote the DC that can't replicate.  I checked the tombstone lifetime threshold on the PDC using adsiedit tool and there is no integer specified.  Does this mean that it is default value of 60 days?  The DC that isn't replicating is running Server 2008, and the primary is running 2003.  I know the default extended to 180 days at some point, but I'm certain that the problem DC hasn't been able to comminicate w/ the domain for more than 180 days.  Can I set the tombstone threshold to unlimited?  The DC is mounted on an aircraft, and is routinely out of communication w/ the domain for extended periods of time.

Barring this, is my only option to demote/repromote this DC?

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The maximum tomstone lifetime is 180 days you can not go past this amount of days.


If you currently have 0 then you are only running 60 days.

To fix a tombstone you should demote then run metadata cleanup to remove any lingering objects from the tombstoned DC>


OK.  I depromoted the tombstoned DC, then cleared metadata from the rest of the domainusing ntdsutil, then repromoted the DC and everything seems like it's back to normal.  I ran the ntdsutil tool against my PDC, I hope that's what I was supposed to do.

Thanks for the help.


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