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     I am currently looking for a replacement backup solution that uses removable hard drives instead of tapes.  
     We currently use Backup Exec which backs up ~400GB of data to a external disk drive over night. Then during the wee hours of the morning we backup that external disk to LTO2 tapes. (200GB/400GB). We are almost at capacity and need to find a better solution.
     With the price of disk drives being as cheap if not cheaper than LTO backup tapes we are looking for some sort of external enclosure where we could swap hard drives like we do tapes. We require the external hard drives to be protected by some sort of cage/carrier on all sides so that they do not get damaged when being swapped or stored in our safe. I see a lot of external eSata enclosures that accept bare hard drives and some that have some form of a carrier, but nothing that fully protects the removable hard drive. Does anyone have ideas that might fit our needs here?

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I think the Link below has what you need (look under "Protective Drive Cases":

I guess we were looking for something like this:

Thanks for your help rind


This was what I was looking for..

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