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Hi, I have about 2000 image files that are structured like this: Q-Images0D264A61-9F97-4E6A-8EC8-500156287BEC0001.TIF I need a script that will drop the Q-images and leave everything else. Can anyone help?
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@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

CD/d "C:\myfolder"

for %%F in (Q-Images*.TIF) do (
  set _FN=%%F
  ren  "!_FN!"  "!_FN:~8!"
alternatively, you can replace this line:

   ren  "!_FN!"  "!_FN:~8!"

with this one:

   echo ren "!_FN!"  "!_FN:Q-Images=!"
oops, but remove the "echo" from the second one.
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Anyway, save the above script to a .BAT file, and change the path and folder to match the place where you store your .TIF files.
Justin EllenbeckerIT Director

Are the filenames a static length? if they are this should do it.
Set oFS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set oFolder = oFS.GetFolder("C:\PATH")
For Each oFile In oFolder.Files
	WScript.Echo oFile.path
	If Left(Lcase(,8) = "q-images" Then
		oFS.CopyFile oFile.path, "C:\PATH\" & Right(,Len( - 7)
	End If

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Justin EllenbeckerIT Director

actually that will work if they are not static it is going to look at the length of the file name and take 7 off of that which should remove the Q-Images portion of every file.


thank you

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