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How do I fix my replication issues in Active Directory, Server has not finished promoting to GC?

Hi I have recently added a new Win 2008R2 domain controller to an existing 2003 domain.  Before promoting the new 2008 DC i had ran adprep /forestprep and /domainprep on the DC which holds the FSMO in the same domain.  I then added the new 2008 server to the existing forest and domain.  The issue I am encountering is that the 2008R2 server is not finishing promotion and able to become a Global Catalog.  There is another 2003 DC in a different domain that is having replication issues and I am thinking this is the cause.

Should I have run adprep on this DC as well?

The replication errors on the DC in "domain2" result in "Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect." errors.  On the DC in "domain1" replication errors result in a "Schema Mismatch".

Any help would be appreciated as my AD knowledge is limited.  Thanks.
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Run dcdiag post results.

How many DCs do you have? You should only run adprep on your DC that holds the schema master role.

You might are going to have to demote the one that is failing.

Make sure the DCs point to only DCs in the TCP\IP settings for DNS servers.
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Hi thanks for the quick reply.  There are 3 DCs in total including the new 2008 server.  Here are the results of the dcdiag of both 2003 DCs.
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Did you run a prep on the Schema Master and move it to the new DCs?
DC1 is schema owner and domain role owner for DC2 and it's domain.  If I demote it and do a metadata clean up will i lose AD users and objects for that domain?
You shouldn't lose any objects.

Run repadmin /syncall
repadmin /syncall runs without errors, but when i do a repadmin /showrepl i get the attached errors.

My users and objects for that domain are however recreating in the other DCs.

The overall plan is to get rid of DC1 and move FSMO roles over to the new 2008 DC however that DC is not finished promoting due to the replication issues with DC2 described above.  Just want to make sure I am going about this the right way.  

Thanks again for the advice.

As per the logs(2003dc1.txt and 2003dc2.txt) attached 2.Below are the findings

-->Dcdiag output of dc "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" shows that it has not replicated with the DC "ABBY-VW-SRV-1" for more then 180 days.

-->Dcdiag output of Server "ABBY-VW-SRV-1" shows that last sucessfull replication recieved by dc "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" occurred at 2011-05-05.

-->As the dc "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" show that the dc is "ABBY-VW-SRV-1" is tombstone and dc "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" is the FSMo role holder .Demote and repromote the dc "CHWK-VW-SRV-1".The demote will be forceful due to replication issue between the dc.Ran dcpromo /forceremoval  on "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" for forceful removal.

-->After demote of dc "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" ran metadaclean on server "ABBY-VW-SRV-1" to remove the instances of server  "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" .Also remove the entry of server "CHWK-VW-SRV-1" from DNS.

-->Once the metadatacleanup and dns entry is removed you can promote dc CHWK-VW-SRV-1 back.

-->As you are trying to add 2008 dc ran adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep on FSMO role holder DC i.e Server "ABBY-VW-SRV-1".

-->Then on 2008 dc point the DNS entry to Server "ABBY-VW-SRV-1" and ran dcpromo to promote the server.

-->Once the server is promoted you can transfer the role to 2008 dc.

Please take full backup of the server before carrying out any activity.
Thanks I will give that a try.
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I posted the same steps in http:#a35780428
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I posted the same steps in http:#a35780428