calendar object? or list property?

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Is there a way to progamatically detect whether a list is a Calendar?  We have code that iterates through all the lists in the site collection hierarchy looking for calendars.  However, we'd like to have it be able to detect whether a list is a calendar just by looking at some list property.  

Right now, we're relying on the fact that the user has used the word "calendar" in the name of the calendar.
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Basically you will have to right a query that can go and search each content data base especially views table where fields are like start time end time and other fields like calendars normally have .

Also  calendar is just a view of  list . so you can also search all your lists by using content and structure option on site settings on any site collection it will also give you a broader view if a list is being used as calendar or not

another way to find all the list in one short and look at there details
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