Database of Ip addresses by country

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I have two versions of the same portal running i.e and

I want to know the country of access of the user and redirect him to the appropriate portal

Can you please let me know where I could get the database showing the mapping of country to IP address

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I am basically looking for a free database

Also I just need to differentiate between India and overseas users....

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On this page are links to the database and the API to use it.
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- there are many such data exist in csv format if you googling around. however i find that Software77 provide a fixed link that you can schedule for automated download daily or weekly if necessary. they also provide 1pv4 and ipv6 ip addresses. you can then write a script to load the csv file or simply use import feature of your database (if available):
read the faq page on auto-download policy:

- i'm also sharing you the link to the .net code on how to read such ip number in csv data and convert it into ip address:

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