Mass creation of biographical profiles in PeopleSoft 9.0

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Is there a PeopleSoft 9.0 delivered module/code segment that can be used to create biographical profiles for screened-in candidates en masse? We are trying to export information from a recruitment and selection tool (that part's easy) and import that information into PS so our processors can then "hire" those people. Maybe as part of eRecruit?
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I imagine eRecruit does have something like that, but basically you need an App Engine that reads in your recruitment file file and then calls the "Hire" CI (Component Interface). Each employee will be processed with all the online edits, as if they were keyed in by a human. It's safer than trying to hit the back end tables since the hire information spreads data around many tables.

The navigation for the Hire process is:- Workforce Administration, Job Information, Hire Employee USF. If your company/client do something different for a hire, then you might have to hit several CIs - but the hire process is better.


simonpaul64, thanks for the answer! The challenge here is that we don't actually want to *hire* the people en masse. For a variety of reasons we need to do that manually (including all of the back end complications you mention). Rather, we just want the biographical information accessible for our processors. One of our developers mentioned a Person of Interest designation, and I think there's a status in eRecruit for a screened-in candidate. Either end-goal sounds like it would work for us.
Oh ok - so yeah - just create them as a person of interest and give them the job later.

To do that your AE would call the "Add a Person" component CI making sure to select "person of interest" on the org tab. The person will get personal data type records but no job row yet - your processors would add that later.
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By the way - since it is only POI data, it wouldn't be too bad to create it through the back end (direct table inserts). The advantage of back end would be speed. So if you expect thousands of records, that might be the way to go. If however you aren't worried about per person performance then the CI makes things clean.  An App Eng running the Add a Person CI might run around one person a second, perhaps a tad faster.


It sounds like either of those solutions would have to be "developed" on some level? We're in a bit of a battle over developer resources :)
Yep - you'll have to suck up to the developers - either solution is a developer thing.

If you really get stuck there is an option to use the PS tool "Excel to CI". It is designed to call a CI and load data based on data in a spreadsheet. It is a pretty simple tool to use, but I imagine you might have to deal with the learning curve. However if you could invest the learning time, it would reduce your reliance on the development team.

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