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I'm curious to know where you think this Chrome Books thing is headed. It's sounds like an interesting concept that's catered towards students and businesses but I've heard that there haven't been any impressive reviews.

In an ideal world where there is a constant Internet connection these devices would make sense but downtime happens too often. I mean there are plenty of apps on both Android and iOS that don't require a constant connection to the net. However, at the same time most businesses have a 24/7 network connection so downtime really isn't really an issue and if the network goes down you won't be able to log on to your Windows domain anyway.

What is your guess as to what will happen with these Chrome Books? Are any of these Chrome Apps capable of running offline. What language do Chrome Apps use? Do they use any offline code? Can any of them run offline? If not, how difficult do you think it would be for Google to throw Android apps onto Chrome Books? Would they ever be likely to do that or is it more likely that we would see a whole new SDK for Chrome Books, in which case would it still be in Java and resemble the same structure as Android Apps?

Does anyone have any idea how much control schools and businesses will have over these devices? For example, if I'm in a computer lab at a school will I login with a Google ID or can there be a school ID. Will the school be able to divide the network of Chrome Books into different groups and assign each one different privileges for sites and Chrome Apps it can access. If I create a Chrome App for my business do I have to publish it for the entire world to use? If not, then can I customize a Chrome App to use my intranet and local storage. Can I have a group of Chrome Books be assigned to a local network printer and fax machine in my business? Will it be possible to transfer Google cloud app files from one account to another, for example Google Docs? Or will I only be allowed to "share"?
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Awarded 2011
This is probably the ad with most details on Chrome Books which I was able to find:
Perhaps it will answer some of your questions on the tecnnical side (and those which do not require
predictive abilities)

From my personal view, I don't believe they will be hugely successful at least in the nearest future.
Even netbooks were not so successful, as some thought they would be; you still often encounter some things
which you cannot do with them, even though you think of them as a computer.
Seems, that it would apply even more to Chrome Books.
well, if they manage to market them as somthing totally different so that people don't compare them to regular computers,
 maybe it would work, but it is difficult to believe.
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Running offline will be handled independently of the application. Theres already been some attempts at implementing this but its not quite there yet. html5 has some nice features that will hopefuly standardize offline access.
Whether ChromeBooks succeeds or not will end up being driven by business, lots happening in that area at them moment and is so often the case business will win over technical merit.
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We are already seeing demand from schools for Chromebooks on the monthly rental program.  

Google just updated offline Gmail and is expected to offer offline versions of Google Docs sometime in the near future.

For businesses, the release of the Citrix and VMware connectivity apps is critical, as this will provide access to Windows desktops, in-house, and legacy apps within the corporate network.

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