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Which Remote Desktop Client Access is used on a W2K3 terminal server when Admin logs in?

When a member of the Administrators Group logs into a W2K3 terminal server using Remote Desktop (RD) Client, which access is used on the server:  RD for Administration  or a standard Terminal Server CAL?  If someone insists on logging in as Administrator to run Applications -- not perform server administration -- what is the impact on the application performance if the User's session is disconnected or a Screen saver kicks in on the terminal server?

I found a reference that explains the remote access environment when  a member of the Administrator's group remotely logs into a Windows 2008 server without vs with Terminal Services installed, but I cannot find a similar comparison for Windows 2003 in plain English.

A link to any formal documentation that details this would be greatly appreciated, even if it only says there is no difference.
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