SBS 2003  - sharepoint services slowing me down?

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I have a new client running SBS 2003.  Up until today, the server was acting only as a file storage server and all users on the network were not on the domain, but able to access the files on the server.  I have added one of the PCs to the domain and transferring data to and from the server is PAINFULLY slow.  Is this because sharepoint services is active on the server?  I have tried everything else from new cables to adding a GB switch, but nothing has improved.  the internet is workign fine and local speed ont he desktop is good.  This is only effecting speeds of data transfer between the PC and the server.

Any suggestions?
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Doubt that SharePoint is the issue.  Suggest that you start with downloading and running the SBS BPA.  Fix everything it finds...then report back if you still have the issue.   did you join the PC to the domain using the connectcomputer wizard?


I have found the problem.  It was a needle in a haystack.  There was a setting on the network adapter in the advanced settings called: receive-side scaling which was enabled.  As soon as I disabled this feature, the problem was gone.  
Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

I had suggested running the SBS BPA in my response yesterday...5/18/2011.  The BPA would have found and recommended to turn off receive side scaling, including telling the author how to accomplish it.

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