I want to launch a VB module in Access 2007 via a marco

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I want to launch a VB module in Access 2007 via a marco. the marco would start a VB module and when the module completed its work, the marco would provide a message and execute 2 queries then another VB module. thanks
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You do not execute a module.
You execute a procedure.

Within an Access macro you can use the RunCode action to call a Function procedure.  You cannot call a Sub procedure using RunCode.
You just enter the function name in the RunCode macro.
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I would add that I find it better to use  VBA procedure to do this. This way you can use sub's , error handling that a macro does not provide.


I'll give it a try tomorrow. on my way home from work.
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Typically you will run a private sub procedure on a button or load of a form.

So a procedure to run on the click of a button to say hello world and load a query etc..

Private Sub MYBUTTONNAME_Click()

     'Run message box

     msgbox ("Hello World")

      'Run a query

     Docmd.Openquery "MYQUERYNAME"

Exit Sub

Queries can be update/append/delete statements.. or even SELECT.. however.. select would be on a form or a report really wouldn't it.

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The problem with your logic is that it assumes that code will complete successfully.
What if it doesn't?

My guess is that if the code fails for some reason, you do not want to then run the queries.
I will also presume that you would like to inform the user of this.

For these reasons I would also recommend using VBA, not Macros for this.

My suggestion?
Create a function that determines if the code ran successfully.
Based on the result of this function, you would either notify the user that the code failed and exit the code (not running the queries)
Or (if the code did run successfully), simply go on to run the queries...

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Something "Roughly" like this:

On your form button that runs this system:

'Code Start
Private Sub btnCodeRuns_Click()
    Call RunCode
    If blnpubCodeRan = False Then
        Exit Sub
    End If
    MsgBox "Code completed, ...proceeding to run Queries.", vbInformation
    'Your Run Query Code here

End Sub
'Code End

In a Module:

'Code Start
Public Function RunCode()
On Error GoTo Err_RunCode

    'This code will run without issue
'    Forms!Form1.SetFocus
'    blnpubCodeRan = True
    'This code will fail and generate the error
'    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdAlignBottom

    Exit Function

    blnpubCodeRan = False
    MsgBox "There was an error executing the code, ...exiting code.", vbCritical
    Resume Exit_RunCode
End Function
'Code end

Now un-commenting each code snippet in the public function will either generate the error, or simply run through the complete system.

There are many similar ways to do this (obviously), I just threw this together quickly to illustrate the logic.

Sample attached
Play around with it.




thank yo to all for providing me with multiple solutions and rationale for using each method.
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Your Welcome :)


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