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Is there a way to make a stationary template the default template.  Meaning each time the user clicks "New message" that particular stationary opens up.

Thank you.
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There doesn't appear to be a direct preference setting for this, nor does there appear to be a hidden preference setting (via defaults write in Terminal).

To work around this limitation in Mail, I created an Automator service which simply contains an AppleScript. Place this service in ~/Library/Services. Double-click the service to open it in Automator, where you can edit the script to specify the stationery group name and the stationery item name.

Invoke the service from within Mail:

Click the Mail menu.
Point to Services, then click New Mail Message with Stationery.
A new message will be created in Mail using the stationery you specified.


You don't specify which version of Mac OS X you are running, so I am assuming 10.6.7.
This solution relies on GUI scripting. Therefore, you must turn on Enable Access for Assistive Devices in System Preferences > Universal Access.
For bonus points, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to this service in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts, in the Services section--the service should appear at the end of the service list.

Since EE won't allow me to attach the Automator file directly, I have included a link to it:
New Mail Message with Stationery


Excellent solution.  
Thank you.

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