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Duplicate Computer Name on Network and Other Odd Things on Hyper-V

Ok I got an odd one here, and may have screwed something up.  Quick re-cap on whats going on - I have a web server that was out of space and long story short we decided while we truly migrate to a new server, I'm moving it to a virtual machine. So, what I did:
1. Remove the old server from my domain (added to work group)
2.  Imaged the hard drives
3. Shutdown the server
4. Restored my OS HD to a virutal machine (using shadowProtect Hardware Independent restore)
5. Mounted my data .vhd
6. Started up the VM
7. Added to the domain.

Now, whenever I add my old servers IP to the virtual server, I get that there is a duplicate computer name on my network.   The old server is completely offline and I've even renamed it.

I recently also updated my AD FSMO master to 2008 server, we're in mixed mode, but it's the master (for the time being). My troubleshooting steps were:
1. Remove the VM from the domain and shutdown
2. Check the Active directory
3. Found my server name under computers in AD (on multiple ADs)
4. Removed the entry for the hostname
5. Checked DNS records (both forward and reverse, on multiple DNS) and removed
6. Re-add the VM
7. Remove any "hidden adapters"

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Ohh and I left something out - oddly, if I run a ping to the VM, I get returns that gain in latency over about 6 pings then just timeout.  If i disable and re-enable the NIC, it does the same thing.  

NOTE:I'm currently setup with the legacy NIC, but get the same error with the non-legacy NIC
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Check WINS entries too if you have some WINS server(s). Delete the entries that have the problematic computer name