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Visio 2010 and MOSS 2007

Does anyone know what would cause domain users to be prompted for user credentials when accessing Visio 2010 files hosted on MOSS 2007 via  IE v8.0 under Windows 7 SP1 EE within a mix WIN2K3 and WIN2K8R2 ADDS environment?

Opening any other Office 2010 filetypes has no authentication prompting. If credentials are provided the file can be opened and edited for the duration of the session. If cancel is selected without providing credentials the file opens in "Read Only" mode. This appears to be something with the IE v8.0 browser with Firefox 4.0.1 allowing the user to "Save" the Visio file only without any prompting for credentials.

The intranet team site has been added to the trusted sites, with the setting to automatically allow the user to login using username and password also enabled.


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