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How to Spam Comments Get Into My Joomla Site?

Hey everyone,

I am wondering, how do spam comments get into the comments sections of my Joomla blog posts?

I run Windows 7 Home Premium
I use Joomla 1.5.22
I also use the JomComment extension version 3.0 Build 562

This comment plugin has a Captcha feature which is enabled.

So how do comments like the following get in?

Comment Title: nike air max 95
Author: nike air max 95
Link to content:

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Here is a link to my site:

Also, while we're at it, could someone tell me what these spammers get out of this? I can't imagine any benefit they receive from adding these nonsense comments.
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I would have a stronger captcha system as well as banning IPs that are known to be spammers.
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Is that captcha deficient? I do ban them every time. Different ones just keep coming back.
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it depends alot on your webhost. i wasnt getting any spam att all and i changed the servers and suddenly start getting spam user registration.
then i have installed a component to stop the spam and that has worked for me and i am not getting any more spam.
that component has a white and black list to add pages where you want to show the aptcha. its independent of nay  other module or components itst called Joomlaxi Captcha.