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Connect single external PC til SBS2008 fileshare

Dear Experts

What is the best way to connect a single external  windows PC to a Small Business Server 2008 in order to get read write acces to a folder share on the SBS?
Should the PC be a domain member and do I a VPN connection?

Best regards
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Should always consider joining the PC to your domain,.
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If the PC is in the same physical location then idally it should be a member of the domain, If for some reason it can't be a member of the domain (eg its using a HOME version of windows), you can just connect to the share workgroup fashion. Only if you are accessing from a remote location would I normally use a VPN
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The PC is not at the same location.
But isnt there any clever connectivity solutions when using Windows 7 and Windows server 2008?
Safest way would be to set up a vpn between the pc and the server.2008 should support that. Or you can set up the vpn to your router/firewall to access the network.
You can use Remote Desktop connection and allow/enable the drive resource redirection.

When you connect to the server you will see your PC drive in My Computer and and copy files to/from it.

This way is very simple, but has caveats.  That user will be logging in cirectly to the server, so is there any issue with that?

KCTS said VPN, which is probably a better way if security or access to the server is a concern.
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Allowing the users to log on the server is a bad idea, I think.
The users are not IT-minded and any change is very confusing.
And thats why I would like the solution to be as transparent as possible and the best solution would be a log on the PC and then the user can acces f.ex. a P drive that points to the SBS server at the other site.

From your comments I can see that VPN connection is the way to go.
Så the best thing is to establish a VPN tunnel between the two sites routers??
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