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Sharepoint 2010 - Can we make it so a user can only view certain documents in a library?

   We have just set up our first Sharepoint page. We have already created a documents library and have uploaded everything to there. However, there will eventually be users who we want to only view one folder within the document library. Is there a way to make a page that only views the documents within that folder, and then give permissions limited permissions to certain users to just see that page?
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Jamie McAllister

8/22/2022 - Mon
Jamie McAllister

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   Thanks for that info. Is there a way to set up a page that only lists the items in a library that a group can view rather than the entire library?

Ok lets say you have 5 users who are allowed to see that one folder in that doc library and you have lots of other folder and documents in that library .
fist of all its a  mess to set up permissions on item level . in this case you will have to set up permissions individually on this folder . so lets say if this option works for you and manage to set the permisisons for those 5 people tp see this one folder and not other folders .once you add this on the page it will not show them other folders or contents they will still see one folder on the page too .

better way to do this is if you can add this fodler in to seperate library just to make it easy to manage permissions . let me know if  you need more clarification
Jamie McAllister

Items in SharePoint are 'Security Trimmed' so you can only see what you are allowed to see. This is true for Search, and also any webpart you might drop on a page to show other items, e.g. Table of Contents, Content by Query, Document Library Viewer etc.

This would only not be true if you manually typed in links to items, which you won't be doing.
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Walt Forbes

So in other words, if someone with access only to "Folder A" goes into the "Shared Documents" library, they will only see "Folder A" and not "Folder B-Z"? Is this correct?
Jamie McAllister

Yes that's correct.

The one to be careful of is giving permissions to nested items but not the higher level items. This can mean they can't access the item they have permission to. Though it doesn't sound like you'll run into that with your scenario. Worth knowing though.