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Deleted Items retention not working as expected in Exchange 2010 SP1

I am not a believer in the Deleted Items Retention feature. I have the setting configured for 1 day on the maiilbox databases. On the General tab of the Properties of the mailbox database, the setting under Deletion Settings which reads "Keep deleted items for (days): is set to 1. Yet, when Iook at some users mailboxes, I see messages in the Recover Deleted Items folder going back almost two weeks. I am opening the users mailbox on my workstation by creating a profile in my Outlook. I open the mailbox, highlight the Deleted Items bin and then select Folders > then Recover Deleted Items. I am looking at the Deleted On date. I see messages deleted over 10 days ago. They should be flushed when maintenance runs at night. I know maintenance is running because disconnected mailboxes are disappearing after the days I have set but I don't understand why the deleted items are hanging around. Is there something else I need to set or check?

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