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How to stop my SBS 2003 from sending Spam.

Hi all, This is my setup: ISP Modem - Router - SBS 2003. Problem: IP was blacklisted due to large ammount of Spam sent. I used the following article : , cleaned the machines using Malware Bytes. However when i restart the SMTP Service, it restarts sending SPAM ( Few Postmaster@*mydomain*.com and mostly the sender is "Best Entertainment" sent with varied email addresses). When i untick Anonymous Access in the Default Smtp Virtual Server the spamming sops.So I eventually left it for a while so that at least the users could send emails without the mail server sending spam, obviously as a temp fix, so not to get blacklisted.

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Thanks .    
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Best practices is to have anon unticked or if it is ticked to only allow specific computers to use it.  You basically had an open relay.
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Thanks for your quick replies.

When I untick Anonymous access, the server denies access to incoming mail, If it is ticked and only allow specific computers to use it , wouldn't it still deny access to incoming mails? Also, i used MXTOOLBOX and entered the following command : smtp: *Mail Server IP Address* and it gave me the following results:

1. OK - *Mail Server IP Address* resolves to *FQDN*
2. Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner
3. 0 seconds - Good on Connection time
4. Not an open relay.
5. 6.381 seconds - Warning on Transaction time

When i tried the telnet command in the Command Prompt : telnet - set localecho - open *Mail Server IP Address* the result was: Connecting To *Mail Server IP Address*...Could not open connection to the host, on port 25: Connect Failed

Any thoughts?
DO NOT untick anon.. LOL. then no one can email you, as you saw.