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Windows 2011 Server (x64) with 32 bit Clients

I am looking to upgrade from my current server SBS 2003 x86 to Windows 2011 (SBS 2008 R2 x64). All of my clients are 32 bit as well as my shared printer. I am wondering if my 32 bit clients will work in the new 64 bit environment. Will they be able to connect via the http://connectcomputer to join to domain? Will they be able to connect via RWW or VPN? Will they be able to access share drive? Will DNS, DHCP, etc work as it should? Will Exchange 2010 connect to my client Outlook 2007 32 bit clients? Will 32 bit software install on the new 64 bit server and work as it should (we use quickbooks and its installed on the server)?

Has anybody been in my same situation as stated above and migrated from a 32bit server with all 32 bit clients to a 64 bit server with all 32 bit clients and software? If so did the migration go pretty smoothly?
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Lee W, MVP

8/22/2022 - Mon

I am confused by Windows 2011? But everything should work as before. the only main concern is older programs that you use on the server.
Lee W, MVP

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So its safe to say that in past and present environments x64 servers can work with x86 clients hardware and software?

Yes, it works no problem. It's mainly printers and older software you might have problems with.
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William Peck
Lee W, MVP

If you find you have problems with older applications (they should probably be replaced, but if that's not an option) you can always purchase another STANDARD version of Windows server (non-SBS and use downgrade rights to run an older 32bit version of Windows and run the applications on that.  Remember, an SBS network can only have ONE SBS server - it can many other servers, but only ONE can be a "Small Business Server"