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exchange 2003 - sbs - mailbox will not receive mail from some users

I have an exchange 2003 sbs server that recently had a hard shutdown due to power failure and bad battery.
The mailbox store wouldnt start due to corruption, and i did a full restore on the database.  Afterwards the store mounted just fine.
Now i am having a problem with select users not recieving the mail, but can send it.  If i create a new user with their old email address, it all goes in.
i have tried the old delete a mailbox, and reconnect to it, and that doesnt work.
Users can connect to their mailbox with outlook and web, and see all the mail, and send mail..
I can drag email and put into the mailbox, and it goes in fine..
Best way to describe it is as if the smtp is the only thing not able to put something in their box?
is it the database? is it my dns? is it my exchange routing?/
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Paul S
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Did you check the smtp logs for errors?

Any errors in the events logs.?
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maybe there was some regedit, or command to fix it all.. but this seemed to be the easiest solution to a high pressure situation