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Generate report of devices by user for Exchange ActiveSync on Exchange 2003 SP2

Does anyone know of a third party tool or something that can help me to run a report of all devices by user that are connected to my Exchange ActiveSync server?  I can get this information through MobileAdmin, however, it requires that I go into each user account.  Having this information would be very helpful as I need to ensure that no one is using un-approved devices.

Please advise.
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save as .ps1 and run in powershell
./ sync.ps1 > c:\activesyncedevices.txt
# NAME: Get-ActiveSyncDeviceInfo.ps1 
# AUTHOR: Jan Egil Ring 
# COMMENT: Script to retrieve all ActiveSync-devices registered within the Exchange-organization. 
#          A conversion-table for Apple-devices are provided, you might remove this if you want to 
#          retrieve the real DeviceUserAgent-names for those devices. 
#          The script outputs objects to make it easier working with the results, i.e. to export 
#          the output using Export-Csv, sort them, group them and so on. 
#          Works with both Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. Since a new cmdlet, Get-ActiveSyncDevice, 
#          exist in Exchange 2010, you might want to use that when working against Exchange 2010. 
#          For more information, see the following blog-post: 
# You have a royalty-free right to use, modify, reproduce, and 
# distribute this script file in any way you find useful, provided that 
# you agree that the creator, owner above has no warranty, obligations, 
# or liability for such use. 
# 1.0 26.09.2010 - Initial release 
#Retrieve all mailboxes in the Exchange organization 
$mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited 
#Loop through each mailbox 
foreach ($mailbox in $mailboxes) { 
$devices = Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -Mailbox $mailbox.samaccountname | Select-Object DeviceType,DevicePolicyApplied,LastSuccessSync,DeviceUserAgent 
#If the current mailbox has an ActiveSync device associated, loop through each device 
if ($devices) { 
foreach ($device in $devices){ 
#Conversion table for Apple-devices 
switch ($device.DeviceUserAgent) { 
"Apple-iPhone/701.341" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone"} 
"Apple-iPhone/703.144" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone"} 
"Apple-iPad/702.367" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPad"} 
"Apple-iPod2C1/801.293" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPod"} 
"Apple-iPod3C1/801.293" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPod"} 
"Apple-iPhone1C2/801.293" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 3G"} 
"Apple-iPhone2C1/801.293" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 3GS"} 
"Apple-iPhone3C1/801.293" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 4"} 
"Apple-iPhone/508.11" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone"} 
"Apple-iPhone/701.400" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone"} 
"Apple-iPhone/704.11" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone"} 
"Apple-iPhone/705.18" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone"} 
"Apple-iPod2C1/801.306" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPod"} 
"Apple-iPod3C1/801.306" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPod"} 
"Apple-iPhone1C2/801.306" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 3G"} 
"Apple-iPhone2C1/801.306" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 3GS"} 
"Apple-iPhone2C1/801.400" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 3GS"} 
"Apple-iPhone3C1/801.306" {$DeviceUserAgent = "iPhone 4"} 
default {$DeviceUserAgent = $device.DeviceUserAgent} 
#Create a new object and add custom note properties for each device 
$deviceobj = New-Object -TypeName psobject 
$deviceobj | Add-Member -Name User -Value $mailbox.samaccountname -MemberType NoteProperty 
#$deviceobj | Add-Member -Name DeviceType -Value $device.DeviceType -MemberType NoteProperty 
#$deviceobj | Add-Member -Name DeviceUserAgent -Value $DeviceUserAgent -MemberType NoteProperty 
#$deviceobj | Add-Member -Name DevicePolicyApplied -Value $device.DevicePolicyApplied -MemberType NoteProperty 
#$deviceobj | Add-Member -Name LastSuccessSync -Value #($device.LastSuccessSync).ToShortDateString() -MemberType NoteProperty 
#Write the custom object to the pipeline 
Write-Output -InputObject $deviceobj 

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I am new to Powershell - what do I install & how do I run that? to install PS V 2.0
copy the code i gave you and save it as sync.ps1 do the desktop of the exchange server
create a shortcut on the desktop for the PS cmdlet
start PS
copy and paste ./ sync.ps1 > c:\activesyncedevices.txt
hit enter thats it :)
Do this on the front-end or back-end?
Also, I don't know what you mean by "create a shortcut on the desktop for the PS cmdlet"
Crap, this only works for 2007 and 2k10. We will have to use WMI give me an hour or so
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