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circles on screenshots that move with the screenshot

BigWill5112 asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
How can I draw circles on screenshots such that they become part of the screenshot?  I would like to be able to move the screenshot around and the circle move with it instead of staying where i originally placed it in the document.
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Gerwin JansenTopic Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2016

Edit your sceenshot into 'paint' before you paste it into Word. Copy/paste do 'paint', draw the circle in 'paint', copy/paste from 'paint' to Word.
Top Expert 2011

Select the objects in question (SHIFT + click each item) then right-click on one of the objects, go to Group > Group.
Top Expert 2011

When the objects are grouped, they can be moved as a collaborative object.


my own research and efforts have led me to believe that you can't group shapes and pictures.  Is the only way to accomplish my goal to edit in paint first???  The problem is that when I alter the document and the picture shifts down or up, the shape (a red circle) doesn't move with the picture.
Top Expert 2011

Try right-clicking on the picture image and then Wrap TextBehind Text. Make sure your circle or other shapes are set with right-click, Bring to FrontBring to Front. You will see that you can Group both pictures and shapes fine now.


Maybe I'm just causing too much trouble and paint would be easiest.  What do you think?

After I right clicked on my picture and selected format picture and then layout and then behind text, all of the text that was below it moved up and is now on top of the picture.  I was hoping the spacing would remain the same.  I'm sure you understand what I am trying to do.  just wanting to insert pictures with drawings on top and have them shift together appropriately.  I don't think it is that bad with paint.
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