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XP Pro BlueScreen Recovery: Need help with Knoppix 6.4 Live CD

Hi All,

My server is currently blue screening, in a continuous loop. The blue screen error is going by so fast, that I can't even video record it, and play back to see the error. I don't see a mini dump file in my c:\windows\minidump folder. I tried Knoppix 6.4 Live CD for the first time, and I can see my files, but I believe the mini dump file is being stored in the Document and setting\local\temp folder. There are to many files for me to search individually, so I wanted to know ...

1. How do I do a search for a file on my c: drive, which is believe is /dev/sgh1 in Knoppix? I'm assuming I have to use the find command, but not sure how to search from file manger in the Knoppix Gui? I don't see an option in knoppix file manger to search for files. When I go to a shell prompt, it doesn't take me to the mounted drive /dev/sgh1, so I can do a find search.

2. What other tools are good to help diagnose windows boot up/hardware/memory issues? I just found out about BartPE, not sure if there tool products that maybe better.

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Lee W, MVP

I wouldn't be using Linux to troubleshoot Windows.  HArdware, perhaps, but not Windows.  I would suggest you use a BartPE/Ultimate Boot CD for Windows or even boot up to a Win7/Vista/2008 CD and press Shift-F10 to get a command prompt and look from there.  If this is 2003 server (you don't specify), I would look in c:\windows\minidump for the minidumps - they are not typically located in a temp folder.

Also, try pressing F8 as Windows starts - you should get a troubleshooting menu that, if memory serves, provides a way to disable auto-reboot.

Leew my guess this is a Win xp box that is a Host/file server.

What I would try first is f8 and see if you can get to safe mode, fi you get to instant blue screen then I would try booting form the XP cd and go through the first screens then choose the disk and at this point it should allow you to run a repair.  Let it run and it may resolve the issue.

> 1. How do I do a search for a file on my c: drive, which is believe is /dev/sgh1 in Knoppix?
Open the terminal, type "mount" to check the mount point of Windows drive.
mount | grep -i ntfs
 it will show something
/dev/sda1  on /<mount point>  type ntfs ...
Where /<mount point> is the one you are looking for.
find /<mount point> -name "filename"    # replace "filename" with yours

Here is the article for Knoppix diagnose
System Rescue with Knoppix:
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when I type mount I get the following...
/dev/sdg1 on /media/sdg1 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=10000)

I tried the following and nothing happens, just comes back to shell prompt for any file(s) I search for.

knoppix@microknoppix: ~$ find /dev/sdg1 -name *.exe

Lee W, MVP

Using Linux to fix windows is like using a screwdriver to hammer in a nail... You can do it but it's CLEARLY not the best tool for the job.

Is there a reason you don't want to try to resolve your issue with more appropriate tools/diagnostics?

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