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jquery tools

The jquery tools download is missing a semi colon, but I am not exactly sure where to place it.  

Can anyone tell me where to place this to fix it.
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Brad Brett
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What are you trying to do?
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I just download from the jquery tools site.

Because there is a problem with the download, it can effect code below, when I add the link to the js file.    

If I run it in a separate file it's ok.

I did read somewhere there was a semi colon missing in the download.

I think the problem is somewhere in this part of the js

if(t){t=t[g];for(var y=false;t;){if(t.sizcache===l){y=m[t.sizset];break}if(t.nodeType===1&&!p){t.sizcache=l;t.sizset=q}if(t.nodeName.toLowerCase()===h){y=t;break}t=t[g]}m[q]=y}}}function d(g,h,l,m,q,p){q=0;for(var v=m.length;q<v;q++){var t=m[q];if(t){t=t[g];for(var y=false;t;){if(t.sizcache===l){y=m[t.sizset];break}if(t.nodeType===1){if(!p){t.sizcache=l;t.sizset=q}if(typeof h!=="string"){if(t===h){y=true;break}}else if(k.filter(h,[t]).length>0){y=t;break}}t=t[g]}m[q]=y}}}var f=/((?:\((?:\([^()]+\)|[^()]+)+\)|\[(?:\[[^[\]]*\]|['"][^'"]*['"]|[^[\]'"]+)+\]|\\.|[^ >+~,(\[\\]+)+|[>+~])(\s*,\s*)?((?:.|\r|\n)*)/g,
e=0,j=Object.prototype.toString,i=false,o=true;[0,0].sort(function(){o=false;return 0});var k=function(g,h,l,m){l=l||[];var q=h=h||s;if(h.nodeType!==1&&h.nodeType!==9)return[];if(!g||typeof g!=="string")return l;for(var p=[],v,t,y,S,H=true,M=x(h),I=g;(f.exec(""),v=f.exec(I))!==null;){I=v[3];

Why are you trying to fix a problem that was caused by incomplete download?

You can simply redownload a fresh version that will work perfectly.

I have attached a complete version of jQuery that should work with you without having to change anything.

query downloaded perfectly.  It was downloading the jquery "tools" I had the problem with.  

Does your file include the tools?

Here is the one I am trying to access

oops.  Meant to say jquery downloaded perfectly.
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I am having the same problem with this.

Jquery downloaded fine, as did the first file you posted.

I'll show you a screen capture in dreamweaver.  The change in colours shows  there is a problem.

You may need to open the attached image to see it better.

I appreciate your efforts and hope you can help
Do you get error when you try to do something using the library?

Also, there could be a bug in the library or in Dreamweaver that causes it to show invalid colors.

The best thing you can do is to work normally, and if you see error message you can post it.
I don't get any error  unfortunately

If use it on a page without other javascript its fine.   But when I try to add this into another page which includes other javascript, it seems to break it.   I have used jquery on this page without other probs. It is only with the tools download I have the problem, which is a shame because it is great.
What are you trying to accomplish exactly?

If you could post code that you are experiencing problems with, I will be able to help you better.