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Outlook 2007

My OS is windows 7 and I use Outlook 2007.  Like everyone I guess, I too receive lots of emails, and I am trying to automate the process of filing them into the various folders and moving them out of the Inbox.  
1.  Can an incoming email be edited.  i.e. Can I open it, and then add say some text at the beginning of the email.  
If NO, can this be done thru code.  
I am thinking of then adding a ID number, and then when all the incoming emails in the Inbox have been so inserted with a code, and then run a macro that would move the emails one by one into the respective folders as specified by the Code at the beginning of the email.
Eg. if the email has a code of GEPR,
Then it would be moved to the Folder Called "GE Credit Card", and the subfolder "Payment",. where "Payment" would be the final destination.
Is there a better way of doing this thing or some other way.  
It is a painful task of filing each email one by one to the respective folders, lots of clicks.
thank u.
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1. yes you can edit the email.  You need to open the message and then up in the ribbon on the open message there is an option to edit the message.  You won't be able to mess with the header through.

Try sorting the messages by sender and moving them in bulk by selecting more than one at a time using shift-click.

You can set up rules as well.  You can move messages into folders based on certain senders for example.  You can even apply the rules to messages which have already been received.  I'm not sure what your qualification is for moving a message.
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<<1.  Can an incoming email be edited.  i.e. Can I open it, and then add say some text at the beginning of the email. >>

Yes. Open the email and then click in the Subject area and then start typing. When you close out of the email in question, you will be prompted to Save changes for which you should do so.

If you wanted to file them later, using rules (against a folder like the Inbox) that you execute manually could do the filing for you based on the Subject lines accordingly.

If you needed a macro to more easily edit the Subject lines, let me know and I can get something up here.
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In resonse to Yobri, thank u for getting over the first step, which is editing the incoming email.  Putting the text in the Subject area is fine, as long as it is somewhere the code could find it.

Now to the next step.  I prefer that the macro be run from where the cursor is, i.e. If I am in the Inbox folder and I have selected one of the emails, then it should run from the beginning of the folder to the end of the folder.  .
This is because I would be running the same macro in other folders too.
Now the next step is build the list, i.e.
GEPR    GE Money \ Payments
That is the folder will be under the selected Account name, and the mail folder will be GE Money, and the sub folder will be Payments.
Thus, I have to build a list of keywords  and the names of the folders and/or sub folders.  Where will this be placed, because this list will grow or some of them could be deleted for no longer used.  
Thus, the code should search for the keyword which could begin with a key letter like "#" and end with "$", something like that.  Or any other workable method will also be suffice.

While in the planning stage, a quick question can an email have 2 destinations.  eg. the first destination it will be copied and the 2nd destination, it will be moved for its final resting place.  

It will be good if the program MOVES the email to the destination folder, so what is left behind could be debugged to see what happened.  

When work begins, I would appreciate, if documentation could be added after each line of code, just a one line what it is doing would be suffice, this makes the program easily readable.

Thank u again.
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In response to Yobri, it will be nice to have that Macro to edit the subject line.  It makes life so much easier. thank u.
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Have you looked at NEO Pro mail organizer? I cannot live without it and it makes organizing your email a breeze.

I will investigate an automated method but I think you have more control using NEO.

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In response to yobri, thank u so much, the power of automation makes life so much easier and efficient. thank u again.
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In response to yobri'c code, Hooray, it works like a breeze.  U are a real genius, thank u.
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In response to craisin, Yes I downloaded and installed it.  But the learning curve looks steep for me.  Thus the vb solution for me as I have done vb many moons ago and thus I understand better although most of my knowledge is out of date or has been lost. thank u.
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it works, thank u

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