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Oracle to MySQL transfer of table

Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a table in Oracle. How can I copy thi stable to a MySQL database?

I have SQL developer and MySQL Workbench.

But cannot find a way to do this...

Oracle is Oralce 11gR2 and MySQL is version 5.x
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Top Expert 2010

Extract the Oracle table into a delimited flat file and then use the MySQL import utility



Thank you.
I went to that page before.
I can export from Oracle to a text file (coma separated).
But the tool they mention does not exist at http://www.sqldbu.com/eng/sections/tips/mysqlimport.html.
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Thank you.
I have both Oracle client and MySQL client installed on my PC.
So I can sqlplus to connect to the Oracle database and mysql to connect to the MySQL database.

I also have Oracle developer, PlSQL developer and MySQL Workbench.

How do I actually copy one table from Oracle to MySQL? I have connection string details of both databases..

One way is to use Oracle dump file and then use that to upload to MySQL. Was wondering any simpler way.

For example, it is possible to do one time table copy from MySQL to Oracle via SQL developer front end. Was looking for just the reverse..
Top Expert 2011

- from the 1st link i give above, it give you step by step to use odbc and using Navicat import wizard to import table from Oracle.
- alternatively you can export the table in Oracle to a text file/csv file using SQL Developer and import back to MySQL using Navicat import wizard. if i'm not mistaken, Workbench have the import feature too.


Thank you.
I tried to use MySQL Workbench and yest there is an option but there seems to be restrictions. Some ssh needs to be running on the remote MySQL server ... but I don't have that much option.

Anyway I am a bit stuck with
LOAD DATA INFILE command to upload a record with one field as timestamp data type..


OP_Zaharin, Thank you. I went through the link that you sent before:

I read the steps but the instruction to download the "MySQL Toolkit" was not there anywhere -- may be all my fault.

Finally I downloaded "mysql-gui-tools-5.0-r17-win32.msi" via Google search. And installed the "MySQL Toolkit". It was easy to use and did the migration of a huge table from Oracle to MySQL very quickly.
Top Expert 2011

- sorry about the download link. should have put it there for you too. however glad that it work for you finally :)
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