brother MFC-490cw error 36

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How can I solve an error 36 displayed on the printer's screen?

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The Error 36 is either a mechanical problem (head carriage assembly) or loose part. This is most often caused by ripped paper or a paper jam which results in a sensor issue. Could also be a foreign object like a paper clip in the printer.

You'll pretty much have to unplug this and look for the object/paper jam to fix this, If there isn't one I'm afraid it's a maintaince call to Brother (or one of their agents).
I think with these you can check the from paper feed, rear door but also check the cartridges (remove & replace them) due to the way they feed paper - and look for ripped paper, staples or a large build up of paper dust.

Some papers are better than others - if this continues switch supplier.

If nothing is blocking the printhead, you might also want to look at the encoder strip.  

It is a transparant film strip about 1 cm in height and runs from left to right in the machine.  It is visible when opening the cover that shows the paper path.

if there is dirt (or ink) on this strip,  the printer does not know the position of the print head, which results in an error.

You can clean it with a damp cloth, but be very careful not to pull on it, it is very sensitive and fragile

afterwards unplug the machine, and hold down the menu bottom while powering on the machine again (while holding menu).

you will see the text maintenance mode.  release the menu button and press 0 1 (param init) and then press black start.

the machine will do a reset and then will go back the maintenance mode.

repeat the process param init (01) 2 more times and then press 99, which exits the maintenance mode.

If this not working, find your local dealer.
Any joy? Sounds like ggc2 knows the brothers, but a work colleague is a senior tech there if needed.

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