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How to create a tip of the day using standard SharePoint functionality

Does anyone know a way to offer a tip of the day type function using standard sharepoint functionality. I know that there are some web parts out there, but I am operating in a restricted environment and adding new web parts is difficult.
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Hmm, if you can't add a web part (either a third-party one or your own) then that is going to be difficult...

You could use the following approach to display a random tip:

Or you could tweak it to keep a counter in a cookie to indicate which tip the user has seen, and then show them the next tip and increment the counter.

However this approach uses a custom web part to generate the ID of the tip to show.

The only other thing I can think of is to use some JavaScript to generate a URL and display the resulting URL in a page control?  You'd add the JavaScript to the page either through SharePoint Designer or by using a Content Editor Web Part.

I think you need to create a customized webpart for your daily tip.
Or you buy a webpart for that...

Create webpart:

For sale tip of the day webpart.
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That's really clever!
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Hairbrush, thanks, it still has an element of hardcoding about it that I don't like. I will think about it some more of the weekend and see if I can some up with something.
I accepted my own comment as despite the suggestions from the experts that what I was looking for was not possible I figured out a way to do it and posted the solution. I gave myslef a B as my solution is not dynamic.