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Email notifications

I have set up a shared inbox in lotus notes and need to set up a notification to certain people when a new mail arrives.  I don't want to forward the mail just send a "You have a new mail" notification.
Is there an agent or rule for this?
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Sjef Bosman

8/22/2022 - Mon
Sjef Bosman

As far as I can see there is no predefined rule or agent for this, so you'll probably have to create an agent. If you make it a "When new mail has arrived" agent, you can inspect the recently arrived mails, create a mail for the recipients, and add a link to the mail so the recipient only has to click the link to open the mail.

How are your Notes coding skills?

Thanks sjef,
My coding skills are non existant I'm afraid!!

I think I may have found an agent on another mailbox but can't see where it specifies the forarding address?

Sjef Bosman

Is it always the same forwarding address for all who have access to the mail database?

Here an example, in formula language.

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James Murphy

Thanks again,
I don't need any of the message forwarded though. what I need is this:
1) Email is sent to Inbox@company.co.uk
2) An email is sent to access group saying "You have received a new email in inbox@company.co.uk"
3) Agent can then open the inbox and process email

Hope this makes it clearer
Sjef Bosman

Create a Formula-language agent with one line:

@MailSend("access-group_name";"";"";"You have received one or more emails in inbox@company.co.uk"; "Please open the common mailbox"; ""; )
Sjef Bosman

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