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Cisco DHCP Lease Problem with Windows 7

I am having problems with my Windows 7 computers.  It seems to be reelated to Windows 7 and my Cisco routers DHCP.  I recently installed Windows 7 on approximately 130 computers that were previously Winodws XP machines.  I have another 50 or so still on Windows XP.  We are using a Cisco 2921 router with a few VLAN's setup.  The DHCP pools are set up on the router for each VLAN on our network.  

DHCP has been set up on this router for a year and we have never had a problem with it and our XP machines.  Now the newly reloaded Windows 7 computers are having issues.  They worked fine for the first couple of weeks.  The other night I had several of them that when woken up from sleep mode or turned on could not pick up an IP address.  This was only a problem for the Windows 7 machines.  

I verified that the DHCP service was running on the Windows 7 computers.  The computers had the exclaimation point over the network icon and had a default 169.*.*.* address.  Releasing and renewing did not pick up the correct IP adress.  Restarting also did nothing.  Resetting the TCP/IP protocal did not work.  

After an hour of troubleshooting I cleared the ARP cahce on our main 2921 router which did not work.  I then restarted the router and this seemed to solve the problem.  The Windows 7 machines began to pick up a correct IP address.  Everything has been working fine for about 32 hours now.  I am concerned the problem will return.  Are there any Windows 7 Cisco DHCP issues related to the address lesases?  Ideas?

Thank you

Note:  We have one core switch and several IDF switches.  The Windows 7 computers are all part of our largest VLAN, approximately 130 computers.  The computers are mixed model Dell machines.  The probelm seems to be isolated to these Windows 7 computers.

This is the router DHCP entry for VLAN20, for the problem computers..

ip dhcp pool VLAN20-PC
   domain-name *********
   lease 0 6
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Can't say what the issues really are, and I have never experienced a problem with any Windows 7 machines... but . . .
Are you using Active Directory?
With that many desktop clients, I highly recommend using a Windows DHCP server and "ip helper-address <ip>" command on the router interfaces.
It simply works better because it is the DHCP server's job to update DNS records, in particular the PTR records and IOS-based DHCP just can't do that.
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boot the computer in safe mode with networking ...might be programs at startup or policy issue..

Could be security software too.

First check in safe mode with networking in windows 7...check whether u get ip address.

Also can try clean boot in normal mode and check.

Clean boot process

Start-type - msconfig- click on startup tab- click disable all...then click services tab- put a check on hide all microsoft services ...and then click disable ok and then restart the computer in normal mode.

If everything works fine in clean boot then enable five startup items and services at a time to find the faulty software.

Try it