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Help with a Macro to email sheet as the body that includes objects not just cells

Hello I am trying to create a macro in excel to email a sheet (chart and other objects included) as the body of the email with personalized information per person that is taken from a list. Currently I have pieced together a macro that can email the cells of the sheet, but it skips all objects (Chart, images, and a text box) which are needed for the email to be complete.

The objects that need to be added to the email are: "Picture 10", "Text Box 8", "Picture 9", "Picture 6", "Chart 5".

The current Macro right now that only emails the cells is as follows:

Sub Info()
' Info Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+c

    Dim i As Integer
    NumRows = Sheets("Data Chart").Range("D5", Sheets("Data Chart").Range("D5").End(xlDown)).Rows.Count
    For i = 0 To NumRows
         If Not IsEmpty(Sheets("Data Chart").Range("D5")) Then
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("P2").Offset(i, 0).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("Q2").Offset(i, 0).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("R2").Offset(i, 0).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 0).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 4).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 5).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 6).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 7).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 8).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 9).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 10).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 11).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 12).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 13).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 14).Value
            ActiveCell.Value = Sheets("calc").Range("O2").Offset(i, 15).Value
' Email section
            Dim rng As Range
            Dim OutApp As Object
            Dim OutMail As Object
            With Application
                .EnableEvents = False
                .ScreenUpdating = False
            End With
            Set rng = Nothing
            Set rng = Sheets("Graph").UsedRange
            'You can also use a sheet name
            'Set rng = Sheets("YourSheet").UsedRange
            Set OutApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
            Set OutMail = OutApp.CreateItem(0)
            On Error Resume Next
            With OutMail
                .To = Range("N3").Value
                .CC = ""
                .BCC = ""
                .Subject = "This is the Subject line"
                .HTMLBody = RangetoHTML(rng)
                .Display   'or use  .Send
            End With
            On Error GoTo 0
            With Application
                .EnableEvents = True
                .ScreenUpdating = True
            End With
            Set OutMail = Nothing
            Set OutApp = Nothing

        End If
End Sub
Function RangetoHTML(rng As Range)
' Working in Office 2000-2010
    Dim fso As Object
    Dim ts As Object
    Dim TempFile As String
    Dim TempWB As Workbook
    TempFile = Environ$("temp") & "/" & Format(Now, "dd-mm-yy h-mm-ss") & ".htm"
    'Copy the range and create a new workbook to past the data in
    Set TempWB = Workbooks.Add(1)
    With TempWB.Sheets(1)
        .Cells(1).PasteSpecial Paste:=8
        .Cells(1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues, , False, False
        .Cells(1).PasteSpecial xlPasteFormats, , False, False
        Application.CutCopyMode = False
        On Error Resume Next
        .DrawingObjects.Visible = True
        On Error GoTo 0
    End With
    'Publish the sheet to a htm file
    With TempWB.PublishObjects.Add( _
         SourceType:=xlSourceRange, _
         Filename:=TempFile, _
         Sheet:=TempWB.Sheets(1).Name, _
         Source:=TempWB.Sheets(1).UsedRange.Address, _
        .Publish (True)
    End With
    'Read all data from the htm file into RangetoHTML
    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set ts = fso.GetFile(TempFile).OpenAsTextStream(1, -2)
    RangetoHTML = ts.ReadAll
    RangetoHTML = Replace(RangetoHTML, "align=center x:publishsource=", _
                          "align=left x:publishsource=")
    'Close TempWB
    TempWB.Close savechanges:=False
    'Delete the htm file we used in this function
    Kill TempFile
    Set ts = Nothing
    Set fso = Nothing
    Set TempWB = Nothing
End Function

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Please note that I am using MS Excel 2003 and Outlook 2007
This will send out Emails automatically so the .Display will be changed to .Send
and the .To = Range("N3").Value is a dummy value for testing the macro
Microsoft Excel

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