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Lotus note mail.box

Having issues with a user not being able to send mail.
Users is able to receive mails and sync other databases.
Mail.box looks okay no save replication conflicts.

User can connect to mail server without a problem.
Replications page just hangs on about 10% and eventually fails saying
server is not reponding. Ive created a new location profile still no joy.

Any ideas anyone??
Lotus IBM

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Sjef Bosman
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Sjef Bosman
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Other users can work without problems?

My usual approach: separate user from problem:
- what if the user moves to a different PC and tries from there
- what if another user tries to send mail from this PC

What's in his Location document? What is defined as the mail server? Is there a Connection document to that server? What else can you tell us about this particular user's PC?
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Yes other users are working fine.

Not in the postion for the user to switch to another PC. (MOBILE USER)

All other databases are working fine on the users laptop.
So i dont think there is an issue with the location document or connections document.
Looks to be like the outgoing mail database is corrupt, tried creating a new mailbox still no joy.
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Sjef Bosman
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I didn't suggest HE switch to a different PC. You could try with his ID from your system, for example.

Don't rule out possibilities because you think there's no issue. Test and deduce, Watson!

Did you try Preferences/Ports/Trace to the server? What are the results?
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Other database's seemign to be correct does not neccessarily mean the location document is correct.

Check the users home mail server and other server settings in the location document as these are more important for mail routing than normal replication.

A small typo can make the difference between connecting or not.

To test a users access to the server get them to try and open homeservername\mail.box as this is where replication would place replicated files. They should have depositor access to this database so can copy new mails across from their local mail.box but not see any exisiting mail.

Does the server console/log say anything at the time the user tries to send an email and connects to the server.
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Just Check user QUOTA full or not????
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If Full then set archival or delete mails and compact his datbase, Hope will Workit out for you!!!
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   Hi there hepworth,,,,

Firstly,,, could you attempt to send a testing email from this particluar user's database ??? Do you get any error message ??? After sending the test message does the message appear on the " Sent" folder ??? Did you check the Log Files ????

Secondly, Did you try to maintain the user's database .
on the " Server Console" Type the following :
-Load fixup -f mail\the users database
-Load updall -r mail\the users database
-Load compact -c mail\the users database

Finally,,, Try the to :
- Refersh Design of the users database
- Replace Design of users database
- Rebuild the Views by pressing ( Shift + Control + F9 )

Best Wishes

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I recently had a user with a replication schedule specifying a server to call, which was nonsense because we use TCPIP excusively.

But because the call server failed, al subsequent replication items also failed.

Removing the call server line from the replication schedule cleared the problem.
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Problem seemed to reolve itself strange!!!
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Sjef Bosman
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