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How are most companies handling hard drive rebuilds of Win 7 ?

We have a MDT / SCCM Environment  for new PC builds but how to handle strictly hard drive
 rebuilds when the PC is already in the field.
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Not a good idea. Too much data to transfer.  
If it messes up (which it does) you end up with lost user data or lost configs.
These can be rebuilt or recovered from backups but it is serious down time.

Have them come to a site - maybe for a yearly meeting and then rebuild them on site.
We "wipe and reload"
WDS with USMT and hardlinks once a year
Are you planning on rebuilding a bunch at a time or just one at a time?

If you are doing just one at a time, you could remote control the machine, then open Run advertised programs, select the Task Sequence you want and Run it.

If you're doing multiple machines at once, advertise your task sequence to a new collection where you set your advertisement to run on a schedule rather than non mandatory, then just add the machine names to the collection that you want to rebuild.

If you are wanting to capture user settings first then I suggest you read up on user state migration so you can add all the necessary steps to your task sequence. and ofcourse test test test before implementing so you dont end up with mad mad users ;)

p.s. what do you mean by strictly hard drive rebuild?
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Well this is our current process for XP. We use HP Radia to deploy software. When a PC in the field needs a hard drive rebuild we get a drive off the shelf, place it into an identical PC in our lab. Then we have a script that we enter the PC name for the PC the hard drive is going into, That script copies all existing software entitlements from AD groups and it's made to match the existing PC in the field. We then build the drive, XP image and all software needed by the end user, Run a sysprep script, send the drive to the field tech. He gets it, installs it and a script runs to add the exisitng PC name to the hard drive and then done. Can something be done like this for Win 7?  
forgot to mention we use SCCM & MDT for Win 7, we use Radia for XP
Have you imported your image into sccm?  do you have all your applications packaged in sccm?  have you used sccm to deploy any of these before?
Our image at this time is in MDT, we are not using SCCM for imaging.
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Didn't completely answer my question.