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Why are new users and email accounts getting bounce backs?

Error: #550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found ## and
error: 550 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver: The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service reported an error. The following information should help identify the cause of this error: "MapiExceptionNotFound

4 new user accounts that have been recently added are getting bounce back email errors.   Senders are unable to send to them, Outlook has issues connecting with Exchange server, sometimes mail works and then stops working, no errors in logs...
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Did anything similar happen before these 4 users have been added?
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Is it internal or external senders that are getting NDRs?  Do you have edge servers?  I've seen this issue where the recipient list hasn't yet propegated to the edge servers...
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@indi001 - yes, the DC in one of the locations had to be restored and the only image we had of it was 4 months behind the other 2 locations, once we did this they had all sorts of problems (aka everyone having email issues), we turned off replication to and from that location and everyone but those 4 new additions are working fine. I've researched this all over the web and here at experts exchange, have tried many of the solutions that worked for others but we are still having issues.  I know what we did was not good and now I'm stuck cleaning up the mess.  
@lamaslany - internal and external users are getting NDRs to these newly added users but not all the time, also these users were originally added to AD wrong (last inital first name ( of everyone else being first initial last name ( and I went in and deleted them and added them correctly. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.
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Check this on lingering objects

I presume these 4 new users were created on the errant DC and did not replicate so Exchange will not be able to reference them. Question - if you have turned off the errant DC and have no plans to re-instate it, why don't you just create new user accounts for these 4 ?

The deletions you did will make a difference if they were never replicated.

What happens if you remove the GC attribute and reboot the errant DC ?
Things have gone from bad to much worse.  Over the weekend, the DC in question will not start most services (DNS, DHCP, Terminal Services, etc...).  I have taken it out of the network and am in the process of virtualizing the backup to run as the DC.  I just hope I have a good backup before any of these problemns started, which I doubt.  I'm thinking it may be time to start from scratch.  
So how many Dcs were/are there and how many domains ? Lets start with that. Also, where were the GC (s) and the role holders ?