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How have field recalculate on form #1 when form #2 closes

I have a field on form #1 named "txtTotOPcost".  This is a calculated field and the control source is...  =Nz(DSum("[Cost]","tblOutpurchase","[EstN] = " & Chr(34) & [Forms]![frmEstimateHeader]![txtRealEstN] & Chr(34)),0)

When form #2 closes (record source for that form is "tblOutpurchase" I want the field named "txtTotOPcost" on form #1 to recalculate and show the sum total values of "Cost" in "tblOutpurchase".

I can't figure out how to make it recalculate or refresh or whatever I need to do to make the value show up.  If I close form #1 and reopen it the value does display correctly.

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use this code

FormNumber1Name is the name of form #1
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Create an On Close Event on form #2 that says

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I have tried both possible solutions and neither one works.
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so, what happened to the original post of RECALC
You could click request attention and ask to redistribute the points.

<@kelle has the right spot to put your code, in the Close event of Form #2
@capricorn1 has the right syntax.>

They deserve some share, the lion's share, of the points for the solution.