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Cisco ASA 8.3 Configuration


I am using ASA 5505 8.3

Setup is as follows:

2 Vlans. inside and Outside.

route outside 1


object network obj_any
 nat (inside,outside) dynamic interface

object network obj_any

object network PC

object network PC
 nat (inside,outside) static can access the internet using => fine.
All others can access the internet using fine.

So when I add a ACL example:
access-list outside_in extended permit tcp any eq smtp
access-group outside_in in interface outside

Outside smtp traffic is getting in fine (to PC So far everything is functional.

Now, I have a PC2 ( trying to access using its public IP ( which doesn't work.

It only works using the private IP: and not the 1-to-1 public IP

Can you please assist and getting this to work using public and private IP both. Or this is not possible?

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