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Worksite in Outlook 2007


we use worksite in outlook 2007 and it has been working great for som time, but now i get this "Internal mapi error: an invalid parameter was passed to a mapi function" when i try to open a email.

And i know worksite makes the mail read-only, and maby that is the problem that som other add-in is traying to edit the mail when i open it i dont know

I can view it but i cant dubbel click an open it
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This happens with the MAPI breaks.
This is a common issue on users PCs.

Can Easily be fixed by renaming the MAPI dlls on the affected client PC.

Here are some instructions on how:

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This happens only in worksite and it happens for all users i cant rename the MAPI dlls on 170 computers :(
Please try one PC/Suer, so that we may verify that this is the issue and solution.
Once we verify it works we can then look at fixing the other 169 Computers
Hi Apache09

I have now tryed to rename the mapi32.dll to old and i have run fixmapi as administrator but still the same problem.

If you close Outlook and reopen using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe
Does the email client (outlook) work at it should?

If it does, try disabling the add ins one at a time until you find one that may be causing the issue

If you have Adobe Acrobat 6 installed or SnagIt's addin, disble these first.

Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins

Note all the current Add Ins and their current load behavior state. (0,1,2,3)
Then change the load behavior for Acrobat, SnagIt or other non-Microsoft add-ins to 0 one at a time, testing Outlook and worksite between each add in.

Be sure to leave worksite add-in for last.


close it and reopen it.
you can try disabling all the add ins one at a time, testing after each disabled add in, and see if you can pin point any add ins that may be causing the issue.

I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

problem moved to supplyer
Has the supplier resolved the problem?
If they have, what was the resolution?

If you know the resolution, please post it, and accept that answer rather than deleting a question.
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Ah good deal.

So just accept that answer as it would be good to know for anyone else who might have the same problem now or in the future.