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excel if statement question

I am trying to make an if statement in excel that has 3 outcomes (not even sure if thats possible?)

this is what I have so far

=IF(OR(AND(A50=$A$32,C50=$C$32, E50=$E$32, E50<>"UD"),AND(A50=$A$32,C50=$C$32, E50=$E$32)),20,10)

If AND(A50=$A$32,C50=$C$32, E50=$E$32, E50<>"UD") is true I want the cell to be 20
if AND(A50=$A$32,C50=$C$32, E50=$E$32) is true I want the cell to be 10
if neither are true I want the cell to be 0

right now the 10 / 20 is swapped?... I dont understand why that is?..

and I dont know how to add the condition for 0

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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)
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TRy like this:

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Thank you!.. I almost figured that out myself :)

never used excel much.. not sure why I was using OR :)

Thanks again
Or, shorter