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Truecrypt Volume, Windows recovery tools can't see drive

Hi there,

I had a laptop that had the whole drive encrypted with Truecrypt, the laptop failed to boot after a month or so, all that would happen is that it booted to the Windows 7 recovery tools. When i tried to restore to an earlier point in time or fix the startup problems, it could not see the drive and the copy of windows to repair.

To solve it I had to un-encrypt the drive using truecrypt recovery disc, then fix boot problems and then re-encrypt the drive. The problem is this took a total of 14 hours to do and some of my users are over 500 miles away and would not be able to do this. Is there a better way of encrypting the systems that will still allow easy repairs to the windows volume if needed?

I encrypted the whole drive but not the recovery area, it is a windows 7 32bit system.

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Thanks for the advice, I thought that when you entered the password at boot it would sllow you to repair. I guess it would make sense to have data on a 2nd volume and just encrypt that.
no, you misunderstand (although that would work)

WinPE is a bootable CD that gives a windows-like working environment, with full networking (its actually the gui environment you work in when installing Windows) and which supports the truecrypt volume drivers.

In context, it would allow you to create a cd which, when mailed to the user, would boot their machine, obtain an IP address (presumably from their home router), and connect a remote administration session back to you so you can remotely resolve any issues on the encrypted volume (which from the point of view of WinPE, is not the boot volume)
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Ok cool, I will look in to that